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Melin Meredydd, Rhewl, Ruthin, Denbighshire, LL15 2UA. Please note this is NOT a trading address.


  • We take payments by card only. We bill monthly in advance on the 1st, in exceptional circumstances we can change your payment day. Please enter your card onto our customer portal and enable autopay. All transactions are handled by our payment partner, Stripe. Vale WISP does not store or have access to view any of your card details.


  • Please make payment on our customer portal or by BACS. Please use your Vale WISP account number or company name as the reference.

Virgin Money / Clydesdale Bank
3040 3605

Vat Registration Number: 427 3823 89

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions set out the agreements between (1) you (‘you’, ‘the customer’ or ‘your’) and (2) Vale WISP LTD (‘we’ ‘us’, “our” ‘Vale WISP LTD’) (trading as ‘Vale WISP’).

Vale WISP is a trading name of Vale WISP LTD – Registration No. 14441250

As part of providing you with the service under this agreement, Vale WISP LTD reserve the right to subcontract works to third party contractors when appropriate.

Your use of the services will be governed by the terms of these agreements. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully.

A   Obtaining the services

Vale WISP will try to meet any date agreed with you for installation or activation of the services, but we and/or our contractors may have to change the installation date given to you or activation may be delayed. We will try to notify you of any changes as soon as possible.

  • You agree that you or a person authorised by you (who is 18 or over) will be present when we install the equipment at your premises.
  • Where we need to install equipment at your premises, we will make every effort to fit the equipment where you prefer. However, this may not be possible because of technical or other reasons. If this is the case, we will connect the equipment as we see fit. Please do not move any equipment. Should you wish to alter the routing of any existing equipment such as cables or wall sockets, you should contact us.
  • Where we do not need to install equipment at your premises, i.e. our equipment is already installed, a one-off reconnection fee will apply. Additional charges may be applicable.  
  • We will advise you of any additional equipment you need, if applicable.  It is your responsibility to purchase the additional equipment as notified to you. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage caused by your installation of the additional equipment.
  • Where we have recommended additional equipment for use with the service and you have chosen not to take our recommendation, we cannot guarantee compatibility of the equipment you choose, nor can we provide installation or ongoing support in respect of that equipment.
  • To provide the service, the equipment (e.g. a wireless router) must be connected to equipment belonging to you (e.g. a computer). We are not responsible for your equipment working properly. You agree to provide and pay for suitable facilities and all necessary electrical and other installations and fittings (including power outlets or sockets) for the equipment. You must follow our instructions for this.
  • Where we need to set up any services on your equipment you authorise us to have access to your equipment to perform such set-up (which may include the installation or update of software) and to check that those services are working properly. You confirm that you will have prepared your equipment, and will follow our instructions to prepare your equipment, so that we can perform the set-up properly. It is your responsibility to keep back-up copies of any important data stored on your equipment prior to the set-up of any services by us on your equipment.
  • You are responsible for applying for any consents and permissions necessary for us to connect and maintain the equipment at your premises (for example, any permission necessary to install aerials). We are not obliged to install or provide the services unless all consents and permissions have been obtained.
  • Our obligation to provide the services is also subject to survey, which will be carried out free of charge for up to two site visits.  If a survey shows that the service cannot be installed at your premises no charges will be applicable.
  • If a survey shows that a non-standard installation is required, we will then issue an estimate and detailed plan of the additional work necessary for your approval prior to an installation being confirmed.
  • If an engineer’s visit is necessary to advise or plan further works outside of our standard installation, or we are asked to plan an internal Wi-Fi solution for your property, service charges/call-out fees will be applicable at our discretion.
  • We do not have to connect the equipment at your premises or otherwise keep to these agreements if:
    • your premises are outside our service area or in a part of our service area where no service is available or our service in that area is at full capacity.  
    • we are unable to activate the services at your premises for any reason;
    • you are not able to be a customer because you have previously misused our services
    • you have failed to meet our credit check criteria
    • your computer or its operating software does not work correctly or normally for Internet access
    • it is not practical to carry out the connection for health and safety reasons or for any other reason.

B   About the services

  • If you keep to the terms of these agreements, we will provide you with the services
  • As well as these terms and conditions, the services have other legal stuff which applies to the service and its use, as published by us on the Vale WISP website. These may be updated from time to time so please check the website regularly and read through it carefully. This other legal stuff includes our ‘acceptable use policy’  ‘Fair Use’ and ‘privacy policy’.
  • To make sure you are always getting the best possible service, we may monitor and record phone conversations you have with our teams.
  • You agree that you are liable for any charges on your account regardless of whether you or anybody else (with or without your permission) runs up those charges (unless the charges result from fraud by someone else which you could have had no control over). For example, if someone who has access to your premises uses the services, they will be considered to be within your control, and you will be liable for those charges. If you become aware of any fraud by someone else, you must tell us as quickly as you can. Under no circumstances should you give your passwords to anybody else (unless you’re happy for them to use your account and add charges on your account).
  • With your permission, we may monitor email and internet communications, including without limitation, any content or material transmitted over the services.
  • We also reserve the right to monitor and control data volume and/or types of traffic transmitted via the services.

C   Looking after your services

  • We and/or our contractors will provide any maintenance services during normal working hours that we believe are necessary for the system and equipment to work properly and for us to provide the service to you.
  • We will always aim to provide you with the best service possible, but we will not be liable for interruptions, or other problems with services that are beyond our reasonable control. You agree that you will tell us about any fault in the services by contacting our customer services team, who will aim to respond as promptly as possible. In many circumstances it is possible to correct a fault over the phone. If this is not possible, Vale WISP will send a technician to correct the fault.
  • If you prevent necessary maintenance from being carried out (at a time previously agreed and arranged with you), or if the maintenance necessary is the result of any one or more of the following, we will be entitled to charge you a service fee:
    • Misuse or neglect of, or accidental or wilful damage to, the equipment;
    • Fault in, or any other problem associated with, your own equipment or any system that we do not cover;
    • Your failure to keep to these agreements.
  • You are responsible for maintaining any equipment that is relevant to the services, which you own (for example computers).
  • We are not responsible if you are not able to use the services because your equipment (for example, your computer, Internal network, printer, or other equipment) does not work properly, is not compatible with the system or does not meet the minimum specifications or because of faults in any public communications provider’s network (where applicable).

D   Using the service

  • You are responsible for the way the services are used. You must not use the services to do any of the following acts or allow anyone else to use the services to do the following acts:
    • Send a message or communication that is offensive, abusive, defamatory (damages someone’s reputation), obscene, menacing or illegal;
    • Cause annoyance, nuisance, inconvenience or needless worry to, or break the rights of, any other person;
    • Perform any illegal activity;
    • Break, or try to break, the security of anyone else’s equipment, hardware or software;
    • Deliberately receive, use, own, post, transmit or publish obscene material (including, but not limited to, child pornography);
    • Upload, download, post, publish or transmit any information, material or software that is protected by copyright or other ownership rights without the permission of its owner;
    • Use any Internet Protocol (IP) address that we have not assigned to you. Put simply, you may not use the services to harm the service of another internet user or impersonate another user, whether on our network or external to our network. You acknowledge that we may change your Internet Protocol (IP) address from time to time without giving you notice;
    • Use the services in a way that: (i) risks degradation of service levels to other customers; (ii) puts our system at risk; and/or (iii) is not in keeping with that reasonably expected of a residential or business customer as appropriate customer. If we believe that you are using the services in any of these ways, we are entitled to reduce, suspend and/or terminate any or all of the services without giving you notice.
  • You must, at all times, make sure that the way you use the services does not break the law or the rights of any other person.
  • You agree to take responsibility for all liabilities, claims and losses which are in any way connected with misusing the services supplied to you under these agreements
  • Where a usage allowance is allocated to you as part of the service, you are responsible for making sure that you do not use more than your allowance on a regular basis as governed by our fair use policy. We are not responsible for any negative consequences of your failure to do so. Furthermore, if you exceed any allowance applicable to your service, we reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to re-grade the services in question at the appropriate charge. If we make such changes we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • Some parts of the service(s) enable you to access third party content and services (some of which may require you to accept additional terms and which may be subject to additional fees), and you agree that we are not responsible for any such third party content or services.

E   Using our equipment

  • Where we provide equipment to you it will be our property at all times and we may need to alter or replace it from time to time. For us to do this, we will need reasonable access to your premises.
  • You are responsible for making sure that our equipment is safe and used properly at all times. To do this, you agree to do the following:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any other instructions we have given you;
    • Keep the equipment in your premises and under your control (for example, you may not sell it, lend it or hire it out to anyone else, put it up as security for a loan or mortgage, or allow it to be seized under any legal process against you).
    • Insure any of our equipment against any loss, theft or damage for the full replacement value;
    • Not remove, tamper with or cross out any words or labels on our equipment;
    • Take proper care at all times to prevent the loss or theft of our equipment.
  • You agree to tell us immediately about any loss or damage to any part of our equipment. You should do this by contacting our customer services team. You agree that you are responsible for any loss of or damage to the equipment, regardless of how it happens. We will charge you for any loss of or damage to the equipment.
  • If we or you end these agreements, if you decide to disconnect from some of our services, or if you wish to take up an offer to upgrade the equipment we provide to you, you must return the equipment to us or (if we choose) make it available for collection in a reasonable condition, allowing for fair wear and tear. If you fail to return or make available the equipment for collection for any reason, we are entitled to charge you for the replacement cost and reasonable recovery costs of the equipment. If we hold any money we may use that money towards the cost of the equipment. If we have supplied you with any additional equipment, we’d encourage you to dispose of it responsibly if you’re no longer using it so please contact us for further information about disposing of your additional equipment.
  • Any equipment which you own and which you connect to the system (for example, phones, fax machines, computers) must meet with all relevant laws and regulations. We reserve the right to disconnect any equipment that does not meet these laws and regulations. You may use your own equipment together with our equipment, but we do not guarantee that our equipment will work with your equipment.
  • We will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage which is caused to your own equipment arising as a result of its use with our equipment. We will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any additional equipment. We have the right to charge you for any replacement additional equipment.

F   Paying for your services

  • You must pay the charges for the service as set out in your client registration form and/or other services you later agree to take out, together with any applicable value added tax or other applicable taxes. We can change the charges and services as set out on our Website and/or other services you later agree to take out, but if we do so, you are entitled to end these agreements


  • All payments by you should be made to Vale WISP LTD (Vale WISP LTD.)
  • Vale WISP agrees to collect and process all payments made by you to Vale WISP LTD promptly and ensure that they are applied in settlement of the charges to which they relate.
  • If you do not pay your bills on time, you will be liable to interest or other charges for your default. We may also charge you the full amount of any bill and you may lose any discount we have given you. We will also suspend or cancel the services and charge you the costs of debt recovery proceedings to recover any debt you owe under these agreements.
  • Under these agreements, if you ask for any changes to the services provided by us, these changes will be reflected by adding proportionate amounts to your first bill after the change and to your payments every month after that.
  • Bills must be paid by debit or credit card on our portal. In exceptional circumstances we will accept BACS.
  • If any Direct Debit of yours is cancelled or is not cleared by your bank or building society, we are entitled to charge you a default fee and the provisions of paragraphs F4 will also apply.
  • You will receive our Invoices by email.  
  • You must provide us with a valid and current e-mail address. The accuracy of that e-mail address is entirely your responsibility.  We must be notified in writing of any changes to your email address as soon as possible.
  • You shall remain fully responsible and liable to pay any bills of which notification has been sent to the e-mail address you have specified whether or not:
    • you access that e-mail account and read the relevant e-mail;
    • you are disconnected from your e-mail account
    • for any other reason (other than, Vale WISP LTD, negligence) you fail to read the relevant notification.
  • If you want to change any of the services agreed to, we may charge you an administration fee. We will notify you of the amount of any such charge when you request the change.
  • If at any time before or during the term of these agreements you fail to meet the credit conditions imposed by us, we may do the following:
    • Require you to make a payment in advance for future charges;
    • Enforce credit limits on you for any charges, restrict the level of service we provide to you, only allow certain methods of payment and/or suspend some or all of the service at any time when you reach the limits until we have received the full payment of any charges you owe under these agreements;

G   Your details and how they are looked after

  • You must provide promptly and accurately all the information which may be needed so we can perform our respective obligations under these agreements. You must also tell us immediately if any of your details change.
  • By having the service provided by us installed in your premises and/or by using them you are providing your consent to use your personal information together with other information for the following purposes:
    • providing you with the services, service information and updates;
    • administration, customer services, training;
    • tracking use of services (including processing call, usage, billing, viewing and interactive data);
    • improving and developing the service.

In line with GDPR your personal information may be used for these purposes for so long as you are a customer and for as long as is necessary for these purposes after we cease providing services to you. Occasionally third parties may be used to process your personal information in the ways outlined above. These third parties are permitted to use the data only in accordance with Vale WISP LTD’s instructions.

  • Subject to your consent, we may use your personal information to contact you with information about our products and services, special offers and rewards, as well as those of selected third parties. From time to time, we may contact you by mail, telephone, email, other electronic messaging services (such as text, voice, sound or image messages including using automated calling systems) or fax for these purposes.
  • Your personal details won’t be shared with other companies for marketing purposes without your consent.
  • You have a right to ask for a copy of your information (for which we charge a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies.
  • If you do not pay your bills for the services then we reserve the right to transfer your debt to a third party in which case your personal information will also be transferred to that third party for it to use in connection with the recovery of your debt. Such third party will take such action to recover your debt as it considers appropriate and will not be acting on behalf of us or to our instructions.

H   Changing these agreements

  • You may add to or reduce the services you receive from time to time by contacting our customer services team. If you ask us to provide any extra services to you, you agree to accept those additional services for at least the minimum period that applies to them. If you ask us to reduce your service within the minimum period for those services, we may ask you to pay a fee depending on the services being reduced and the remaining length of the minimum period.
  • We may at any time improve, modify, amend or alter the terms of these agreements and/or the services and their content if:
    • there is any change or amendment to any law or regulation which applies to us or the services provided to you;
    • We decide that the services should be altered for reasons of quality of service or otherwise for the benefit of customers or, in our reasonable opinion, it is necessary to do so;
    • for security, technical or operational reasons;
    • if the changes or additions are minor and do not affect you significantly or we wish to have all our customers on the same terms and conditions; or
    • in all other events, where we reasonably determine that any modification to the relevant system or change in trading, operating or business practices or policies is necessary to maintain or improve the services provided to you.

However, you will have the right to cancel the affected services or end these agreements if the changes are significant, as described in paragraph J4.

  • We may change our respective charges at any time. Any changes to our monthly charges will be published by us, on the Vale WISP website and if the changes are significant we, will do our best to give you notice of the change at least one month before the changes take effect. Any changes to usage charges and tariffs will be published on the Vale WISP website and will be reflected on your next bill after the changes take effect.

I   Suspending services

  • We may suspend any or all of the services immediately without notice if:
    • you have broken these agreements (including the other legal stuff, like the acceptable use policy) (and in such an instance we reserve the right to reduce the level of services affected);
    • you exceed any allowance applicable to your service without prior agreement from Vale WISP (and in such an instance we reserve the right to reduce the level of services affected as governed by our fair use policy);
    • maintenance, repairs or improvements to any part of the service or the system need to be carried out;
    • we have to do so by law or in line with a contract;
    • you go over any credit limit on your account;
    • we have reason to believe that you have provided us with false, inaccurate or misleading information either for the purpose of obtaining the services and/or the equipment or at any time during the provision of the services;
    • we believe that you or another person at your premises have committed, or may be committing, any fraud against us, and/or any other person or organisation by using the services or equipment (or both);
    • we do not receive a signed copy of the contract document from you within 30 days of installing your services;
    • you or anyone you authorise to deal with us on your behalf acts in a way towards our staff or agents which we reasonably consider to be inappropriate, rude or offensive.
    • in our reasonable opinion it is necessary to do so.
  • If the services are reduced because of misuse, then during any period of reduction, you will remain liable for the payment of your original level of charges.

J   Ending these agreements

  • You may end this agreement at any time after your contractual minimum period by giving the 30 days’ written notice. You must pay any charges up to the end of that 30-day notice period.
  • If we:
    • increase our charges under these agreements;
    • make significant changes to the services so the service you are entitled to receive in return for the charges you pay are significantly altered or reduced; or
    • make significant changes to the terms and conditions of these agreements (including the other legal stuff)

You may cancel those services affected without penalty by giving us at least 30 days’ notice. Such notice must be given within 30 days of the increase in charges or changes to the services or this agreement being notified to you. If you were not notified of these changes in advance, you must give notice of cancellation of the services affected to us within 30 days of receipt of your first bill following such increase in charges. If you do not give notice of cancellation within the specified period, you will be deemed to have accepted the increase in charges and/or the changes to the services and these agreements. You will no longer be able to cancel your services under this paragraph. If you cancel any services in these circumstances, the increased charges will not apply to those services during the 30-day notice period.

  • If we break the terms and conditions of these agreements, you’re free to end these agreements.
  • We may end the respective agreement immediately by giving you notice if in our reasonable opinion it is necessary to do so for security, technical or operational reasons.
  • When these agreements end or you cancel a service, we will deactivate (permanently switch off) any relevant equipment we supplied to you to provide the services. You will no longer be able to use the equipment.
  • If you fail to return or make available for removal any item of the equipment which we have hired to you, you may have to pay extra charges for such equipment, including the replacement cost and reasonable recovery costs. In addition to our other rights, we reserve the right to bring proceedings against you for the return of our equipment.
  • If these agreements are ended for any reason, or if any of the services are cancelled, we will be entitled to keep any money held and to use that money to pay any obligation or debt you may owe under these agreements. We’ll get in touch with you to refund to you any money remaining after these deductions, unless our costs to administer that refund outweigh the actual account balance. If that’s the case, we’ll donate the account balance to charity. We may also donate your account balance to charity, whatever the amount, if we have not been able to contact you within six months of the date of termination of these agreements.

K   Moving home

  • If you move to another address within our service area, you may ask us to provide the services to your new address. You must provide at least one month’s notice to do this, but we cannot guarantee to provide you with the services at your new address.
  • If we agree to provide the services to your new address, we will send you a new contract for the service at your new address and you will have to keep the service for the minimum period. The service start date for your new minimum period will be the date that the services are installed at your new address.
  • If we are unable to provide you with services at your new premises and you are within the minimum period, you will be liable for the cancellation fee under L3 below.

L   If you break these agreements

  • We may end any of these agreements immediately if:
    • you become insolvent or bankrupt, you enter into any arrangement with your creditors, or if any legal action is taken or threatened against your property;
    • we believe that you or another person at your premises have committed, or may be committing, any fraud against us, or any other person or organisation by using the services or equipment (or both);
    • you break any of these agreements (including the other legal stuff) and, if you are able to put things right, you have not done so within seven days (or such other period as we specify) of us asking you to do so;
    • we have reason to believe that you have provided us with false, inaccurate or misleading information either for the purpose of obtaining the services and/or the equipment from us or at any time during the provision of the services;
    • any permission under which we are entitled to connect, maintain, modify or replace the equipment is ended for any reason;
    • we are required to comply with an order, instruction or request of Government, an emergency services organisation or other competent administration or regulatory authority;
    • you or anyone you authorise to deal with us on your behalf acts in a way towards our staff or agents which we reasonably consider to be inappropriate; or
    • we are specifically entitled to do so under any other section of these agreements.
  • If you break any of these agreements and we choose to overlook it, we can still end the relevant agreement with you if you break it again.
  • If we, end these agreements because you have broken these agreements as set out in this section L (including where you have not paid the charges which you are liable to pay under these agreements) during any relevant minimum period, we will be entitled to charge you an early disconnection fee on top of any other charges you are liable to pay under these agreements. Also, if we discover that you have got services from us without permission at any time, we will also be entitled to charge you for any relating to those services.
  • If you break any of these agreements by committing fraud or any other criminal activity, we will report you to the police, who may take legal action.

M   Visiting your home

  • You authorise us to install, keep and use apparatus (including but not limited to equipment and additional equipment) at your premises and you agree that we and our employees, agents or contractors may enter your premises so that we can:
    • carry out any work that is necessary for us to connect, maintain, alter, replace or remove any apparatus necessary for us to supply the services you and others have asked for; and
    • inspect any apparatus and equipment which you may keep there.
  • We agree to cause as little disturbance as reasonably possible when carrying out any work at your premises. We agree to repair, to your reasonable satisfaction, any damage that we, our agents or contractors may cause at your premises.
  • You agree not to do anything, or allow anything to be done, at your premises that may cause damage to or interfere with any apparatus or prevent use or easy access to it.
  • You confirm that you are:
    • the current occupier of the premises; and
    • either the freeholder of the premises or a tenant under a lease of 12 months or more.

N   Liability to you

  • Vale WISP LTD and/or our contractors liability to you is limited as set out in paragraphs N2 to N6.
  • None of Vale WISP LTD and/or our contractors will be liable to you for:
    • any indirect loss or any loss which is not a reasonably foreseeable consequence of Vale WISP LTD, negligence or breach of these agreements (including loss of profits, business, revenue, contracts or anticipated savings, wasted expenses or any other purely financial losses);
    • lost or destroyed data or software;
    • any business loss (including loss of profits, business, revenue, contracts or anticipated savings, wasted expenses or any other purely financial losses) even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or Vale WISP LTD, had been advised of the possibility of you incurring such loss; or
    • direct physical damage to your property (including any of your equipment upon which we have set up the services) unless it has been caused by Vale WISP LTD, negligence or the negligence of their employees, agents or contractors while acting in the course of their employment (and even then Vale WISP LTD, liability will not be more than £100,000 for any one event or series of connected events).
  • When Vale WISP LTD and/or our contractors carries out any obligation under these agreements, the duty of each is to exercise the reasonable care and skill of a competent service provider only.
  • Vale WISP LTD, will not be liable to you for the accuracy, completeness, fitness for purpose or legality of any information accessed, received or transmitted using the service, or for transmitting or receiving, or failure to transmit or receive, any material through the service.
  • If you deal with any other individuals or organisations using the service (for example, by buying or renting goods or services from them or ordering goods from them using our Internet access), Vale WISP LTD, will not be liable in any way for any loss, costs or damage you have to pay for.
  • Vale WISP LTD, will not be liable to you for the contents of any material from other individuals or organisations which may be accessed through the service. We also reserve the right to block access to any such material.
  • Vale WISP LTD, restricts or excludes liability to you for:
    • death or personal injury resulting from Vale WISP LTD, (or our agents’ or contractors’) negligent act or failure to act;
    • direct physical damage to your personal property up to £100,000 for any one event or series of connected events where the damage arises from Vale WISP LTD, own (or our agents’ or contractors’) negligence; or
    • Vale WISP LTD, respective liabilities which, by law, Vale WISP LTD, must cover you for, including any liability arising out of part 1 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or from Vale WISP LTD breaking our respective duties under sections 4.1 or 11.4 of that Act.

O Matters beyond our reasonable control

Vale WISP LTD, will not be liable for failing to do what it promised under these agreements if it is prevented from doing so by something outside its reasonable control which will include (but is not limited to) lightning, flood or severe weather conditions, fire or explosion, civil disorder, damage or vandalism to our network or equipment, terrorist activities, war, actions of local or national governments or other authorities, or industrial disputes.

P Notices

Any notices Vale WISP LTD, gives to you must be in writing to you at your premises or sent electronically. Any notice period will start from the day on which the notice is delivered, two working days (i.e. excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) after the date it was posted if sent by ordinary post, or from the date of successful transmission if it is sent electronically.

Q Transfer of agreements

These agreements are personal to you and you may not transfer your account or any of your rights and responsibilities under these agreements without our written agreement.  For business reasons we may transfer any of our rights and responsibilities under this agreement without your permission

R The Law and how your complaints are resolved

  • These agreements will be governed by Scottish, Welsh, and English law.
  • Vale WISP LTD, are fully committed to addressing all complaints, fully and fairly, and in a reasonable time frame.


These words throughout these agreements have the following special meanings:


the terms and conditions set out in this document, the other legal stuff, together with all the details set out in any contract document we ask you to sign

‘client registration form’

Is the form you signed and returned to us stating the services initially orders and key facts relating to these agreements


any telecommunications or other equipment we supply to you as an essential part of providing the services (including upgrades and replacements).


the property where we or you install apparatus (including but not limited to the equipment) and to which we agree to supply the services.

‘Internet access’

us providing Internet access, by way of high-speed Internet connection.

‘minimum period’

the minimum period that you must keep a service, start from the service start date. This is 12 months for all broadband service.

‘normal working hours’

these are 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday. These hours may change.

‘other legal stuff’

as well as the terms and conditions set out in this document, there are additional terms and conditions which apply to your services published by us on the Vale WISP website, and updated by us from time to time. If there is any conflict between the other legal stuff and the terms and conditions in this document, the other legal stuff will apply.

‘service start date’

the first date on which each service is available for you to use or, where no installation is required, the earlier of the date your service is activated or seven days from the date you ordered the services from us.


the services you have ordered including any new, extra or substitute services which we agree to supply you at a later date


an electronic communications system or network.


the website at or any other website address we may tell you about.

Here we outline the standards and practices we follow to ensure the smooth operation of our network.

  • Network Monitoring: We use multiple network monitoring tools to keep an eye on our customer routers, antennas, and masts. This helps us to identify and resolve issues before they can impact the customer experience. We also perform regular device firmware backups to ensure that we can quickly restore devices in case of any failures.

  • Spectrum Monitoring: We monitor the spectrum to ensure that there is no interference that can affect network performance. This includes monitoring the signal strength and noise levels of our wireless access points.

  • Device Monitoring: We monitor the performance of devices on our network, including routers, switches, and access points. We check the port speeds and ensure that there are no packet drops or other performance issues that could affect the quality of service for our customers.

  • Alerting: We have set up alerts that notify us immediately when there is an issue on the network. These alerts include notifications for device failures, network congestion, and other critical events. This allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues before they can cause significant impact.

  • Device Event Publication: We publish device events on our monitoring page, which is available at This page provides real-time information about the status of our network, including any ongoing issues or maintenance activities. Customers can use this page to stay informed about the network’s status and any potential impacts on their service.

By following these standards, we ensure that our network is reliable, performs at its best, and that our customers receive the best possible service. We are committed to maintaining these standards and continuously improving our network to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

WiFi Coverage is affected by many factors in and around your property as well as the devices you are using, such as phones and laptops. Here are a few key factors that may help you to get the best from your wireless network:

  • Location of Router. Your wireless router transmits and receives information from your wireless devices. Ideally this should be located as near as reasonably possible to the areas in your property where you need WiFi the most. Devices that use media streaming such as Smart TVs tend to be most sensitive to a strong signal. 
  • Walls and property size. The strength of wireless signals reduce with distance, but is also affected by absorption or reflection in walls. Sometimes this is easy to see, if the property has thick stone  walls, but some types of modern insulated plasterboard or double-glazed windows can also have a significant effect on the wireless signal. If your WiFi network uses the faster 5GHz band (instead or as well as the 2.4GHz band) the effect of walls and distance is far greater. It is generally advised to use the 5GHz band within the same room as the router, as it may not work effectively through walls.
  • Type and location of wireless devices. WiFi works across thousands of different types of devices, but they all follow industry standards for communication and security. Where multiple wireless devices are connected to the same router, such as TVs, laptops, and smartphones, they have to communicate with each other to ensure that they all get a share of the WiFi capacity. By communicating between themselves, WiFi devices can ‘agree’ whose turn it is to send or receive data from the internet. In some cases, not all WiFi devices can talk to each other, for example where there is a laptop at one end of a property, a router in the middle and smartphone at the other end. In this case, both devices can communicate with the router, but they may not see each other and therefore cannot agree whose turn it is to access the router.
    This scenario can have a negative effect on all the devices in the network. Equally, if one wireless device has a very poor signal, but all others are good, the router will spend a disproportionate time re-sending information to the weakest device, reducing the capacity for all others.
  • Channel number and Channel Width. Generally, wide channels (40MHz) or higher have the highest data capacity and therefore can send or receive data faster. However, wide channels are also more likely to overlap with other wireless routers if nearby, which creates interference that reduces  speeds. Sometimes a narrow channel (20MHz) can therefore give faster real-world performance.
  • Security and data encryption. Always ensure that your WiFi network has encryption enabled. The  best levels of encryption are based on standards known as WPA. It is not generally advised to use the older WEP encryption method. Please note that some very old wireless devices do not support WPA.
  • Interference from other sources. Some non WiFi equipment is permitted to transmit data on the 2.4GHz WiFi band and can cause interference or reduced performance on your WiFi network.
    This equipment can include baby monitors, DECT cordless phones, X-Box controllers, some alarm and door entry systems, microwave ovens and Zigbee remote controllers (used by some smart lighting and audio visual systems). It is generally recommended to locate your router and wireless devices as far as possible from this type of equipment.
  • Device Compatibility. Most WiFi routers use up to date standards (protocols) to communicate with their associated WiFi devices. However, some old equipment may not be compatible with the latest standards. For example, older equipment used the 802.11 A, B and G protocols, whereas newer equipment is built to use 802.11 N and AC protocols. If you find that older devices cannot connect to your wireless network, please consider replacing this equipment with newer units, or change the protocol standards on your router.
  • Using wireless extenders and repeaters. Boosting wireless coverage can be achieved by using specialised equipment to add repeaters or extenders. Whilst these can be an effective means of improving coverage, it is vital that they are set up correctly or they can cause lower speeds and reduce reliability. We strongly advise asking for professional help in selecting and configuring extenders and repeaters. Please contact us for more information.
  • Expected speeds. Many routers claim speeds of 150Mbps, 300Mbps or higher data rates. These are theoretical maxima based on controlled laboratory environments. Real world speeds are generally less than 50% of these headline speeds. Please keep in mind that the speed of internet access is limited to the speed of your line or subscription package, which will often be different than the WiFi speed. As an example, if you have a 30Mbps internet subscription, you will not be able to download data from the internet faster than this. Please also note that your internet connection speed is shared between the users and devices connected to your network. Therefore, if say a Playstation game is being updated at the same time as an Apple update and a movie download, they will all share the overall internet capacity at the property and will therefore appear slower than the headline subscription speed.

Acceptable Use Policy

To make these rules easy to read the terms we (us, our, etc.), and you (your, etc.) , are used as per our terms and conditions.

Using the Internet requires that certain rules are followed.  These rules are not laws (which must also be obeyed), but conventions that have developed throughout the Internet to ensure everything runs smoothly.  These rules are often informal, and are usually managed by the users themselves (for example, in news groups).  However, the Internet only works if the people using it co-operate to use the Internet sensibly.  Sometimes the rules change as new exploits or problems occur in the Internet.

This Acceptable Use Policy defines the main rules which are sensible to follow, but is by no means a complete list.  If these rules are broken, the offending account can be suspended and/or terminated.

At the end of the day, it is not about breaking specific rules – it is about being a nuisance on the Internet to the extent that you affect the service we can offer, directly or indirectly.

If you continue to be a nuisance on the Internet we can opt not to renew your contract and so terminate your service.  This may seem harsh, but remember that you can choose not to renew your service at any point you like, and you don’t have to give us a reason at all.  The agreement works both ways.

These rules are part of the terms and conditions.


Permanently connected customers that provide their own web servers, email servers, news servers or any other type of servers are totally responsible for those servers and their content.  You should ensure that you are aware of any laws regarding the material you are providing, including copyright laws.  If you are breaking the law we will co-operate with the authorities and may also disconnect your service.

Please also note that the service is a shared service.  In fact the whole internet is a shared service. The internet is commercially viable because links are shared.  You are expected to make responsible use of the service in light of the fact that it is shared with other users and your actions affect others.  You are expected to pick the right tariff for your usage and try and stick within it on average.  Having different tariffs for different usage levels allows us to purchase sufficient capacity.  Where there are unmetered periods in the tariff, please just be sensible.  At the end of the day, we can choose not to provide service to you.


It is not really our concern what you do with your internet connection any more than it is the concern of the power company what you do with the electricity they supply.  However, we make it a requirement that you do not use the service for anything illegal.  This includes copyright violation.

We also require you not to do anything that could affect the service we offer to other customers generally, which could include copyright violation if it means any copyright holders try and take action against us.

Having said that, there is a due legal process for anyone that believes one of our customers has violated their copyright.  It involves the courts and (for criminal breaches) the police.  It does not involve us other than where we have to comply with a request from the court or police to give them information.

So if you are a copyright holder and believe one of our customers has breached your copyright, it is up to you to follow the correct legal process to take civil and/or criminal action against that person.  Please do not contact us on the matter as we are neither the police nor a court.


Whilst any applicable laws must be obeyed, we do not restrict what you say or how you use the Internet.  It is not a breach of our AUP for you to be sent abusive, defamatory or offensive material via email or news – this is a matter between you and the sender.  As we do not provide a news service, we do not consider ourselves liable under the Defamation Act for any news postings you make or collect.  Our role in such matters is (as much as the law permits) much like the post office, who do not accept liability for an abusive personal letter sent via the post.  As a customer you must accept that we are carriers of information with no responsibility for its content whether stored in transit or not.  If we are found to be liable for anything you do using the service, you must indemnify us in full.  If you are not happy with this arrangement, then please do not take the service.  We expect you to take responsibility for your actions.

As such, abuse on the Internet is not in itself a reason for suspension of service.  However abuse of the Internet is unacceptable.  Abuse of the Internet means anything that could affect the operation of the internet, affect the service we can offer to our customers or affect a large number of internet users.  This includes any action that could cause our internet feed to be disconnected or restricted, including breaking the acceptable use policy of our peers or causing any sanctions to be made against us.

We will, wherever possibly, give you reasonable warning of any problems, and a reasonable time to rectify problems before we consider any action (such as suspension of service).  In exceptional circumstances this may not be possible.  If you have a machine causing problems we will expect you to sort the problem or disconnect the machine within a working day.

News postings

Every news group, and in some cases whole hierarchies, have their own rules. It is important to look at the last week or so of postings to a group to find out how it works before you post something yourself.  You will often find a weekly FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) posted in a group – please read it.  Also, it is well worth checking news search engines to see if the question you have has been asked before.

This applies particularly to bulk posting of adverts, either individually or cross posted to multiple groups.  Please note that get rich schemes are generally illegal.

You should only ever post binaries (i.e. anything other than plain text) to a newsgroup if it has binaries in the name, and only then if the name does not have .d on the end.  Do not post in HTML unless the group specifically permits this.

You should use a valid email address on any postings you send.


You should use your email address on all email you send.

There are no limits on email sent or received, but bulk emailing of unsolicited advertisements is not acceptable.  Recent UK legislation may also affect this practice, and if you are in doubt, check with a solicitor specializing in the field.

You are responsible for anything emailed from any of your machines.

Making up domains

When sending email or news postings it is important not to simply make up email addresses. Generally, you should use a valid email address that you own.  In some cases such as mailing lists or news postings you may not wish to use your normal email address as this could lead to spam or junk mail being sent, and this is a valid concern.  In such cases you should use an alternative email address which you own.  

One approach may be to change your address that you use on news postings every month and allow email only for the current address.  This is more polite as it does allow people to email replies to your postings but also allows you to cut down on junk mail.

If you really want to post using a completely invalid email address, then use something ending in .invalid (as per RFC 2606). A good ploy may be to use your normal email address with .invalid added to the end.  Remember that your posting will have a trace of the IP addresses used, and so using a made up email address will not make you untraceable.

You must never use someone else’s email address without their permission or any address that may be someone else’s in the future – so essentially, don’t make up email addresses.

Why?  Obviously you should not use an address that may be someone else’s, but there are other reasons not to make up addresses which may be less obvious.  Whenever a made up address is used, a name server will be queried, and for an address which is completely made up this could query the top level name servers.  There are only a few dozen of these, and all valid queries result in caching of answers.  Invalid queries will cause the top level name servers to be asked every time and put a lot of load on them.  Everything you do on the Internet relies on these name servers, so it is best to ensure they keep running smoothly.


Any legitimate complaint we receive will be considered and may cause suspension of any account at our sole discretion.  When considering a complaint, the effect on the Internet and to our ability to provide services to all our customers is considered.  Abuse in this context is abuse of the Internet and not abuse on the Internet, so don’t bother complaining to us because someone calls you a rude word in email or on a newsgroup (although, feel free to complain to the sender – but this does not usually help).  

Some things to watch out for…

  • Don’t run an open mail relay (allowing others to send mail via your mail server)
  • Don’t run an open web proxy (allowing others to access web pages via your server)
  • Keep machines virus checked, and remove any viruses found promptly
  • Don’t try and break in to other peoples machines or scan addresses or ports
  • Don’t send SPAM or UCE (junk mail)


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers and associates. As a minimum, we adopt procedures and practices in keeping with EU GDPR.


We always conduct our own services honestly and honourably, and expect our clients and suppliers to do the same. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers.

Duty of care

The internet services we provide, along with our actions and advice will always conform to relevant law, and we believe that all businesses and organisations should avoid causing any adverse effect on the human rights of people in the organisations we deal with, the local and wider environments, and the well-being of society at large.


Our contract will usually be in the form of a contract covered by our general terms and conditions. These terms will be provided to you at the point on order or delivery and are available to view from our website at any time. The quality of our service and the value of our support provide the only true basis for continuity. We always try to meet our clients’ contractual requirements, and have measures in place for you to easily and simply let us know if you have a problem or complaint about the service we provide to you.


Our fees are always competitive for what we provide, which is of high quality and often tailored to your needs. As such we do not generally offer arbitrary discounts; generally a reduction in price is only enabled by reducing the level or extent of services to be delivered. That said, we always try to propose solutions which accommodate our clients’ available budgets and timescales. Wherever possible we agree our fees and basis of charges clearly in advance, so that we and our clients can plan reliably for what lies ahead.


We expect our bills to be settled in a timely manner as set out in our order and general terms and conditions. Late or overdue payments may result in your service being suspended or stopped and you may be required to pay a reconnection fee. If you have a problem in making a payment, we ask that you contact us immediately so that we can discuss this with you and avoid disruption to your service.  Full contact details are listed at the end of this document.

Intellectual property and moral rights

We retain the moral rights in, and ownership of, all intellectual property that we create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. In return we respect the moral and intellectual copyright vested in our clients’ intellectual property.

Quality assurance

We maintain the quality of what we do through automated and professional network monitoring as well as feedback from our clients.  We make every effort to keep you connected to our network and to the outside world in line with our published service level agreement (SLA) relating to your contract. However, we are not in control of the wider internet and cannot guarantee that all services will be available all of the time. If you do have a problem, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help. Full contact details are listed at the end of this document.

Professional conduct

We conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity. We take great care to ensure that any work we carry out at your property is performed safely, using professional equipment and tools and to the highest standards available. Our team is well trained and we expect anyone who you are in contact with to act professionally and honestly and we expect the same in return. You will always be treated respectfully and courteously but our staff are instructed to disengage with anyone who is abusive or rude. We promise to deal with you at every stage in a professional manner, but if you have any concerns, please contact us immediately.  Full contact details are listed at the end of this document.

Equality and discrimination

We always strive to be fair and objective in our advice and actions, and we are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by issues of gender, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.


Contact Details

To report a fault: email or call 01490 735 005

For billing issues: email or call 01490 735 005

For installation problems: email or call 01490 735 005

Contact a Director: email or call 01490 735 005

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